Publications 2021-2030


AI for Medicine and Helthcare

Beatriz López, Oscar Raya, Evgenia Baykova, Marc Saez, David Rigau, Ruth Cunill, Sacramento Mayoral, Carme Carrion, Domènec Serrano, Xavier Castells: APPRAISE-RS: Automated, updated, participatory, and personalized treatment recommender systems based on GRADE methodology, Heliyon, Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2023, e13074. Accepted January 2023
Guillem Hernández Guillamet, Francesc López Seguí, Josep Vidal-Alaball, Beatriz López: CauRuler: Causal Irredundant Association Rule Miner for Complex Patient Trajectory Modelling, Computers in Biology and Medicine Accepted February 2023


Longitudinal data (time series) machine learning

Natalia Mordvanyuk, Albert Bifet, Beatriz López: VEPRECO: Vertical Databases with Pre-pruning Strategies and Common Candidate Selection Policies to Fasten Sequential Pattern Mining, Expert Systems with Applications. Accepted May2022
Natalia Mordvanyuk, Beatriz López, Albert Bifet: TA4L: Efficient Temporal Abstraction of Multivariate Time Series, Knowledge-Based Systems. Volume 244, 23 May 2022, 108554
Alihuén Garcia, Beatriz López: A New Method of Dimensionality Reduction for Large Time Series Applied to Accelerometer Wristbands’ Signals, Biosignals 2022. Accepted November 2021

AI for Medicine and Helthcare

Beatriz López, Ferran Torrent-Fontbona, Luis Masana, Alberto Zamora: HTE 3.0: Knowledge-based systems in cascade for familial hypercholesterolemia detection and dyslipidemia treatment, Expert Systems. Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2022. Accepted August 2021
Xavier Castells, Marc Saez, Maghie Barcheni, Ruth Cunill, Domènec Serrano, Beatriz López, Caspar van Lissa: Placebo response and its predictors in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a meta-analysis and comparison of meta-regression and metaforest, The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2022 Jan 12;25(1):26-35. Accepted August 2021
Castells X, Baykova E, Raya O, Serrano D, Mayoral S, Cunill R, Saez M, Carrion C, Rigau D, López B.: Comparison of treatment recommendations formulated by APPRAISE-RS/TDApp, a prototype of automated, personalized, participatory recommender system, and clinical practice guidelines in a sample of simulated ADHD patients, XL Congreso de la sociedad espanyola de farmacologia clínica, 2022. Poster. Published in Basic Clin Pharma Tox – 2022
Villar, J., Yera, A., López B.: Computational-based biomarkers for mental and emotional health, Neural Comput & Applic, 2022. Editorial


Longitudinal data (time series) machine learning

Natalia Mordvanyuk, Beatriz López, Albert Bifet: vertTIRP: Robust and Efficient Vertical Frequent Time Interval-related Pattern Mining, Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 168, 15 April 2021, 114-276. Accepted November 2020

AI for Medicine and Helthcare

Beatriz López, Pau Olives, Luis Masana, Fernando Civeira, Alberto Zamora: Predicting the risk of coronary heart disease under Familial Hypercholesterolemia by machine learning, 44th World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), Barcelona, November 8-11, 2021. Accepted. Poster
Parizad Avari, Yenny Leal, Pau Herrero, Marzena Wos, Narvada Jugnee, María Arnoriaga-Rodríguez, Maria Thomas, Chengyuan Liu, Quim Massana, Beatriz Lopez, Lucian Nita, Clare Martin, José Manuel Fernández-Real, Nick Oliver, Mercè Fernández-Balsells, Monika Reddy: Safety and feasibility of the PEPPER adaptive bolus advisor and safety system; a randomized control study, Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, 23(3), 175–186, 2021. Accepted September 2020
Joaquim Massana, Òscar Raya, Jaume Gauchola, Beatriz López: Signaleeg. A practical tool for EEG signal data mining, Neuroinformatics, Neuroinformatics volume 19, pages 567–583 (2021). Accepted December 2020
Joaquim Massana, Òscar Raya, Jaume Gauchola, Beatriz López: Signaleeg. A practical tool for EEG signal data mining, II Workshop of Spanish A.I. Research Groups in Biomedicine (IABiomed), Malaga, September 22-24, 2021. Extended abstract
Natàlia Mordvanyuk, Jaume Gauchola, Beatriz López: Understanding affective behaviour from physiological signals: Feature learning versus pattern mining, IEEE Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), Special Track on Computational based Biomarkers for Mental and Emotional Health (IEEE CBMS-CBMEH), June, 7-9, On-line. Best student paper.
Daniel Lambisto-Castro, Joan Passarrius, Natàlia Mordvanyuk, Joaquim Massana, Beatriz López: Machine Learning and statistical analysis: correlation between 2%‐2mm gamma test and various metrics of analysis of the complexity of the treatment plan, 7 Congreso Conjunto (23 SEFM – SEPR 18), May 31 – June 4, On-line. Poster (In Spanish).

AI for social good

Albert Sabater, Cristina Sánchez, Beatriz López: Co-Creating Artificial Intelligence for Social Provision: An Example of Cross-Sector Collaborations through the AI FORA Project, 15th ESA Conference 2021, 31 Aug – 3 Sep, Barcelona.


Beatriz López: Entrevista a Josep Pascual, Revista de tecnologia, 9, 71-73, 2021.

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