• AI FORA – Artificial Intelligence for Assessment- Catalonia case study on the use of AI for social provision.
  • IA Biomed- Spanish Thematic Network on Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine.
  • Emotion biomarkers-
  • DREAMER: Detección pREcoz AlzheiMER - The project seeks to develop a personalised model based on EEG data.
    Sponsored by MJN Neuroserveis, under the CDTI Misiones program.
  •, Development and evaluation of a mHealth tool that uses artificial intelligence to formulate pharmacological recommendations for the treatment of ADHD, sponsored by MINECO (FIS).


  • SERAS – Seizure Risk Assessment, MINECO, Retos colaboracion.

  • Algorithms to predict epileptic seizures, Sponsored by MJN Neuroserveis, under the SERAS_v4.0 Grant Agreement 849781, H2020 SME Inst-2018-2020, EICSME Inst-2018-2020, SME Instrument phase 2.

  • Development of a prototype tool to formulate participatory, individualized and automated therapeutic recommendations for the treatment of patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Sponsored by COMGi.

  • PEPPER- Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support.
    The project seeks to develop a personalised decision support system for chronic disease management. The system, which combines case-based reasoning with predictive computer modelling, will empower patients to self-manage their diseases such as diabetes. The 3-year project will start on February 1st, 2016 and has been granted by H2020 (PHC-28-2015, Grant Agreement 689810), the European Programme supporting Research and Innovation.
    PEPPER is coordinated by Oxford Brookes University. The other members in the consortium are Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Universitat de Girona, Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Girona, Romsoft SRL and Cellnovo Limited.

  • Improving quality of life for people with epilepsy using SERAS (Seizure Risk Assessment device) and personal data. Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation, in colaboración with MJN nuroserveis, S.L., Clínica Corachán S.A., Rebert Espai S.L., Dec 2017-Sept 2018

  • Analysis and testing of artificial intelligence models to enable the anticipation of epileptic seizures. MJN nuroserveis, S.L.Nov 2017-Jan 2018

  • Dissemination of the HTE-DLP 3.0 tool in specialized scientific and technical forums with the aim of improving the management of family hypercholesterolemia during the year 2018. Sanofi. 2018

  • Predicur- Prediction of emergency department attendances and hospitalization that is derived. Fundación Hospital de Palamós. 2015-2017

  • MoSHCA – My Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant.


    The project aims to improve the interaction between patient and doctor. A health care system platform is being developed to provide intelligent solutions to patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, pregnancy related disorders, etc) and also general health monitoring (monitoring of the baby’s health or general health ) by medical sensors and smartphones.

    The eXit group is responsible for innovative algorithms in modelling decision making and alerts. It participates in the applications to monitoring premature babies at home and rehabilitation.

  • MESC - Platform for Monitoring and assessing the Efficiency of distribution systems in Smart Cities.

  • iWMS – Decisin making methods to support flexile workflow management

  • SUROS - Robust auctions through the use of SAT/MT methods.

  • AIMES - Advanced infrastructure for medical equipment management and services.

  • eXiT*DM – Development of eXiT*DM platform.

  • SIGFRID – Service allocation for health care tranport related to the SIGFRID Project.

  • Family Family history as a model for evaluation breast cancer risk .

  • Intercampus Decision support systems base don knowledge for the diagnosis and coordination of medical services. Application to endodontics and stroke .

  • Development of techniques for scheduling problems in distributed environments. Application to land transport 
  • For other and previous project, please visit the exit/Health and eXiT group  websites, as well as previous filiations. 

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