Ricard Campos

Researcher at the VICOROB group of the University of Girona

Depart. of Computer Architecture and Technology
Polytechnic School - P-IV Building, University of Girona
17071 Girona, Spain
Short CV

I'm a researcher at the Computer Vision and Robotics Group (VICOROB) of the University of Girona, and a member of the Underwater Vision and Robotics Research Center (CIRS). My research interests are focused on 3D reconstruction from optical data, especially on the problem of robust surface reconstruction from corrupted point sets, usually appearing in real-world applications.

Academic Formation:
  • PhD in Technology (UdG, 2014)
  • Master in Automation, Computation and Systems (UdG, 2010)
  • Information Systems Engineer (UdG, 2009)
  • Computer Science Engineer (UdG, 2007)
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