Dr. Robert Martí
Associate Professor at the Computer Vision and Robotics Group

   Grup de Visiˇ per Computador i Rob˛tica
       Departament d'Arquitectura i Tecnologia de Computadors (ATC)
       Campus Montilivi - Edifici P-IV, Universitat de Girona
       17071 Girona, Spain.

   Phone: 00 34 972 418876 / fax: 00 34 972 418976


Image Registration

Image registration is based on aligning images of the same object (taken at different times or in different views) in order to extract information from it. Image registration can be applied to medical images to assess the changes and to detect the development of possible abnormalities in a particular area of interest.

A typical example of image registration  applied to mammographic images is shown below.

Reference Image Image to be Warped Difference After Registration

Our method is based on matching major linear structures in order to find the correspondence. The process is shown below: finding linear structures, extracting local features, establishing matches between linear structures and apply registration algorithm.

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