Production Factory Data Set

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Production Factory Data Set

This data set contains information regarding the time distributions of a production process in which different kind of tasks require special requirements. The data has been extracted from a real production environment (which cannot be disclosed due to privacy agreements).

The production process has:

  • 14 types of tasks to be performed
  • 8 types resources which can perfom some tasks
Each type of task is defined by:
  • Maximum execution time acording to a priority
  • Resource types which can perform the task
Each type of resource is defined by:
  • The time distribution of how much does it takes to finish a certain type of task
  • It's cost
  • It's capacity

Moreover, the data set contains information regarding:

  • The distribution of the tasks among a day of work (time at which a task it's started)
  • The priority probability of each kind of task
  • Probability of a task being execution at a certain time instant
  • Proportion between type of tasks

The data-set is available in an excel data sheet. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail.